What you will learn:


• Review of the benefits and dangers of using oxygen blends in diving
• Calculation and tracking of oxygen exposure
• Narcosis dangers and considerations
• Planning ideal gas blends for different depths to maximize bottom times
• Introduction to the benefits of using nitrox or oxygen as decompression gasses at subsequent dive level
• Logistics and dive planning for a variety of environments
• Common problems related to using a variety of gas blends on a single dive
• Managing emergencies related to the use of different gas blends during a dive
• Explanation of stage bottle configurations and techniques

    Skills and Scenarios:

    • Air consumption rate observation and calculation
    • Gas switching using team protocols
    • Lift bag deployment and use
    • Refinement of buoyancy and propulsion techniques
    • Handling a team member who switches to the wrong gas
    • Emergency scenario simulations including (but not limited to): catastrophic gas loss, air sharing during a no-mask, regulator free flows, and more