What you will learn:


• The Differences Between Different Decompression Models
• The Benefits of Using Enriched Air or Oxygen as a Decompression Gas
• How to Plan Dive Logistics Based on Different Environments
• How to Anticipate the Most Common Problems in Decompression Diving
• How to Manage Emergencies in Decompression Diving
• Equipment Theory and Workshop Covering Different Configurations and Stage Bottles

Skills and Scenarios:

• Gas Switching Using Team Protocols
• Lift Bag Deployment
• Using a Safety Lift Bag for Surface Assistance
• Dealing with a Convulsing Diver at Depth
• Refinement of Buoyancy and Propulsion Techniques
• Emergency Simulations Including (But Not Limited to): Exceeding Bottom Times, Sharing Air During a No Mask Ascent, Regulator Free Flows, Lost Gas, and Switching to a Back-Up Buoyancy Device.