What you will learn:


• How to select and use two deco gasses to increase diver safety
• Review of the basics of decompression theory
• Explanation of common decompression models and the differences between them
• Review of the benefits of using enriched air or oxygen as a decompression gas
• Dive planning and logistics for a variety of environments
• Anticipating and managing common problems in decompression diving
• Review of different equipment configurations using multiple stage bottles

    Skills and Scenarios:

    • Recalculation of decompression requirements due to lost deco gas
    • Gas switching using team protocols
    • Lift bag deployment
    • Using a safety lift bag for surface assistance
    • Dealing with a convulsing diver at depth
    • Refinement of configurations
    • Narcosis test at depth
    • Emergency scenarios simulations including, but not limited to: exceeded bottom times, gas sharing during a no-mask ascent,free-flowing regulators, loss of deco gas, and switching to a back-up wing or buoyancy device.